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Brian Hastings Interview

Brian Hastings of Cardrunners fame sat down with Poker Training Reviews to do an exclusive interview. We took a non standard line with our questions so we got some good insight into a brilliant poker players mind. Brian has battled at the highest stakes online and conquered all comers. He continues to release quality high stakes videos for Cardrunners and has always been a great member of the community.

Poker Training Reviews: How do you use the skills that help you dominate the highest stakes online poker games in your real life outside of poker?

Brian Hastings: I think poker has greatly improved my analytical thinking skills. I am able to analyze situations from all kinds of angles much better thanks to poker.

Poker Training Reviews: If you could create a job for yourself outside of poker that suited your poker skills what would it be?

Brian Hastings: I think poker translates best to trading of equities, assets, and commodities, a route that other poker players (such as Jason Strasser) have already taken. The two disciplines are similar in that they both focus on analysis of expected value and risk as well as the ability to make decisions based on complex sets of information.

Poker Training Reviews: If you had to do a leak finder video on a high stakes pro who do you think you could help the most and why?

Brian Hastings: I don’t want to name names but I think it would involve coaching someone to become a better heads up player via improved understanding of game flow, pattern recognition, mixing up one’s play, and emotional control, likely someone who specializes in other forms of poker rather than HU play.

Poker Training Reviews: Will you be releasing any videos on your match with Isildur1?

Brian Hastings: No I never recorded any, sorry. However I recently released a video of myself playing high stakes PLO ring games vs the likes of Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Ziigmund, and more. Part 1 is currently available on cardrunners.com and I think it is the best video I have ever made. Part 2 will be recorded and released soon.

Poker Training Reviews: I know you study the players and hands after your sessions. What kind of notes on a player are the most important in terms of having to make a decision during a hand?

Brian Hastings: The most important thing is knowing other players’ tendencies in all kinds of situations and proceeding accordingly. This can be something as simple as knowing how often someone 3bets my button raises from the small blind or as complex as knowing my opponent’s calling and betting ranges on the end after I 3bet and then bet the flop and turn out of position on a locked board. Knowing what my opponent is going to do when I bet the river and when I check the river in this situation when he has AJ** (in PLO) on a JJQ47 board is pivotal to knowing what my best action is both with full houses and bluffs. One of my biggest strengths is my ability to recognize player tendencies in every kind of situation.

Poker Training Reviews: Where do you see the high stakes limits being in 5 years? Do you think the players will demand higher limits or are we maxed out now for online play?

Brian Hastings: It depends on what the fish want to play. I don’t think there are many pros (except sickos like Ivey) yearning for the stakes to raise, but if there are weak spots who want to play even higher, there will be pros there with them.

We would like to thank Brian for taking the time to answer these questions and wish him and Cardrunners the best of luck in the future.

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