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Cardrunners New Instructors

As the largest poker training site on the market cardrunners has a lot of instructors who make training videos. This is the most up to date list of the coaches including their stakes and specialty. This list was too long for our cardrunners review so we will list them all here and update this list as new instructors are added.

Name Screen Name Games Stakes
Augsburger, Brad augie00 MTTs small to high
Aleksa, Brian BallzDeepx 6 max LHE mid to high
Khuri, Samer braminc SNGs small to high
Eil, David bruechips 6max NLHE small
Berg, Thomas Brystmar 6max and FR PLO small to mid
Deppen, Dan Campfirewest PLO8 small
Rodawig, Eric Chipsahoya Stud/Stud8 small to high
Lau, Alvin citizenwind 6max NLHE small to mid
Moshman, Collin Collin Moshman SNGs small to high
Partow, Cyrus cpar1 HU NLHE mid to high
Smith, Duncan d_smith77 FR NLHE small to mid
Hartt, James D_Zoo 6max NLHE mid to high
Burtzlaff, Eric damnringer FR NLHE small to mid
Daut, Ryan Daut44 PLO , FR NLHE mid to high
Abrams, Dan Doctor Razz Razz small to high
Palansky, IJay Doughnutz 6max and HU LHE mid to high
Miller, Ed Ed Miller 6max NLHE small
Faarup, John faarcyde SNGs small to high
Gano, Michael fooz 6max, FR NLHE mid
Caby, Taylor Green Platic HU NLHE mid to high
Qureshi, Haseeb INTERNETPOKERS HU NLHE mid to high
Augustine, Scott iRock 6max NLHE high
Shaw, Phil Jackal69 SNGs, Mixed games small to high
Matros, Matt jacksup MTTs small to high
Ackerman, Jimmy JBaller88 6max NLHE small
Lawrence, Joey jcl 6max NLHE mid to high
Wray, John JimmyLegs Poker Psychology
Cates, Daniel Jungleman HU NLHE high
Patel, Kush kush FR NLHE small
Chambers, Tom LearnedFromTV 6max PLO high
Egerer, Jim Lefty2506 6max PLO high
Reed, Matthew m_reed05 6max NLHE high
Marks, Daniel Markuis HU NLHE small
Jennings, Peter Marshall28 6max NLHE small to mid
Janda, Matthew Matthew Janda 6max NLHE mid
Doran, Matt MDoranD 6max NLHE small
McDaniels, David Meatbuoy MTTs small
Baron, Isaac Menlo MTTs, 6max NLHE high
Wheat, Matthew mindcirkus 6max PLO mid to high
LaGarde, Matt mlagoo MTTs mid to high
Cairns, David muckducks MTTs mid to high
Wiggins, Andrew Muddywater SNGs, 6max NLHE, PLO mid to high
Nuter, Tim nutedawg 6max NLHE mid
Adcock, Nelson NxtWrldChamp 6max NLHE mid
Liu, Eric P3achy Keen HU, FR, 6max NLHE high
Radisich, Sasha Pokey Game Theory small
Costello, Steve PoorUser HU, FR, 6max NLHE mid to high
Six, Mike Predator006 PLO8 mid to high
Pellegrino, Bryan PrimordialAA SNGs mid to high
Przytula, Lee Przytula 2-7 Triple Draw small to mid
Benefield, David Raptor HU, 6max NLHE high
Mask, Rick Rask FR NLHE mid
Glazer, Jordan ridetime SNGs small to high
Schneider, Michael Schneids HU, FR, 6max LHE high
Beharrell, Keeth Shabamabam LO8 high
Williams, Brendon Sippin_Criss SNGs ??
Haynie, Derric Sixpeppers 6max, FR NLHE, MTTs small to high
Gahagan, Mark SpartanFox Podcast Podcast
Sweeney, James SplitSuit FR NLHE small
Albini, Steve Steve Albini Mixed Games small to mid
Hastings, Brian Stinger HU, 6max PLO high
Paradis, Bryce theBryce 6max & HU LHE mid to high
McDonald, Mike Timex MTTs high
Pirone, Anthony TPirahna 6max LHE mid to high
Porter, Devin Tranquilchaos MTTs mid to high
Nazarewicz, Pawel Verneer 6max NLHE small
Cole, Corwin [vital]Myth 6max NLHE small to mid
Gaynor, Jonathan wooz FR NLHE small to mid
Tsurikov, Yegor xerok 6max LHE mid
Tyson, Mark µ (x+t) HU NLHE small
Hendon, Kyle cottonseed 6-max NLHE/PLO small to mid
Kaufman, Matt Tyresias Podcast Podcast
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Cardrunners New Instructors, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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