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Online Poker Training

The History of Poker Training

The pioneers of online poker launched the first poker rooms back in the 90’s although online poker never became that popular until the poker boom in 2003, after Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event. Once the online poker boom started everyone rushed to open the newest poker skin or poker website.

Initially online poker players spent time exchanging information on poker forums and strategy websites, but over the years online poker training has evolved into what we’re used to today, which is video poker training. The first online poker training website that offered video tutorials and strategy was CardRunners in 2005, which is owned by professional poker player Taylor Caby.

After everyone noticed the success that CardRunners was having offering video poker strategy to players, there was an influx of new online poker training websites that entered the market. Several online poker training sites are backed by some of the world’s best poker players including PokerVT, which is backed by Daniel Negreanu among several other professional poker players.

If you fast forward to 2010 you’ll notice that there are dozens of poker video training sites on the market. Not all of these websites live up to their standards, which is why we’ve spent time reviewing the best poker training sites. Before you can decide which poker training subscription to purchase you need to identify your goals and expectations.


When poker training websites started offering subscriptions to their video archives it cost the end user a considerable amount of money. The main reason was because there wasn’t much competition in the early years of online poker training. Nowadays there are plenty of online poker training websites, which has caused the pricing of a subscription to decrease. Even if you’re on a small budget you’ll be able to join 1 or 2 poker training sites.

All-Around Poker Training vs. Specialized Poker Training

There are several large poker training sites that have been in the market for years now and provide members with strategy and tips on a countless number of poker topics. A few poker training platforms have decided to offer specialized training in only one aspect of poker such as heads-up strategy, sit and go tournament strategy or multi-table tournament strategy. If you’re a player that simply plays 9, 10, 18, 45, 90 or 190 player sit and go tournaments then you’d be best served joining a poker training website that specializes in that area of the game.

Professional poker players and casual poker players all spend time learning how to improve their poker game. If you aren’t training to become a better poker player then you’re probably already losing money. With the advancements in technology anyone that wants to spend the time learning how to become a skilled poker player can do just that. In the early 2000’s it was easy to make money off of all the new poker players, but the competition has increased rapidly and it’s now necessary to spend time learning the proper strategy and skills needed to beat the average poker player.

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