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poker savvy plus
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PokerSavvy Plus Review

PokerSavvyPlus is an all around training site focusing on utilizing “good instructors” to provide you with top notch poker training.  This pokersavvy plus review will give you reasons why at a reasonable price you can take your game to the next level with ps+.

How much does PokerSavvy + Cost?

Subscriptions at pokersavvyplus are $25 per month with no signup fee.  There is currently a promotion where if you prepay for 3 months you will get 1 month free, if you prepay for 6 months you get 2 months free, and if you prepay for 1 year not only will you get 3 months free, you also will receive a free copy of either Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker 3.  You must email plus@pokersavvy.com and mention the pokersavvy bonus code PLUSFREE after pre-paying for your membership.  PokerSavvyplus memberships can also be attained by completing selected poker playing promotions.  There is also a 7 day free trial membership.

What kind of videos does Poker Savvy have?

Cash games and tournaments are the biggest strong points for in the poker savvy plus library.  There are over 700 poker strategy videos and are all in the streaming and downloadable variety, including iPod/iPad/iPhone compatability.  Approximately 3-5 videos are released on a weekly basis.

Who are the PokerSavvy Plus Pros?

Andrew “AChen” Chen, Andrew “Foucault” Brokos, Evan “_Fisherman” Roberts, Jeremiah “Dantes” DeGreef, Justin “WPThero” Rollo, Tony “Bond18″ Dunst, Andrew “Amao330″ Arnott, Christian “Charder30″ Harder, Daniel “Ansky” Stern (Archive), Mike “the mouth” Matusow (Archive)


  • Great instructors with results
  • Competitive pricing with no signup fee, plus bonuses
  • High community involvement through forums
  • Downloadable, ipod compatible, DRM free videos
  • 7 day FREE TRIAL


  • Some good instructors left (Ansky, LearnedfromTV)

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Rating: 4

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Reviewed by Poker Training Reviews on 09 August 2010


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    All the Cardrunners intructors and what they teach are here

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    PTR sits down with Cardrunners Pro Brian Hastings for a never heard before interview.

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