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SitNGo Grinders Review

Sitngo Grinders is a “sit and go tournament” specialty site trying to teach you the art of becoming a sng grinder.  Many of these instructors are PokerStars Super Nova Elite, so you can be sure that these coaches sure know how to grind, and hopefully this SitnGoGrinders review will help you in your path towards becoming SNE yourself.

How much does SNG Grinders Cost?

Purchasing a sitngogrinders subscription will run you a low cost of $59 for 3 months and only $10 per subsequent month.  You can also purchase a heavily discounted 1 year plan of $129 plus $10 for any subsequent month.  There are also packages that include the SNG Wizard software, a program dedicated towards sng specialists.

What kind of videos does sitngo grinders have?

There are over 500 sitngo strategy videos in this library, and all facets of sit and gos are covered.  You have 6max tables, 9 or 10 man tables, multi-table sngs, double or nothing sng videos, headsup sng (HUSNG).  All the sitngo training videos in turbo or regular speed formats and in all levels from micro level to high stakes NLH.  All videos are offered in both streaming and downloadable format, and can be transferred to your iPod/iPad.  About 5 new videos are released on a weekly basis.

Who are the SitNGo Pros?

Andrew “azntracker” Li, Darin “darinvg” Van Gammeren, “Dom “dombomain33″ Zito, Kelsey “fultip777″ Hendriks, Craig “gosox83″ Daniel, Stephen “sizzlinbetta” Reynolds, Kurt “tigerbalm” Stein, Matt “glitlr” Meo, Jeff “sparta45″ Levin


  • Instructors are all professional sng players, not mtt or cash players trying to teach sitngos
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Discounts on SitnGo Wizard software
  • Dedicated sng poker training


  • Only NLHE videos
  • Lack of forums and instructor interaction
  • No account management (ratings, see what you have viewed, etc)

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Rating: 4.3

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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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SitNGo Grinders Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Reviewed by Poker Training Reviews on 09 August 2010


  • Instructor List

    All the Cardrunners intructors and what they teach are here

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    PTR sits down with Cardrunners Pro Brian Hastings for a never heard before interview.

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