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We’ve reviewed dozens of online poker training sites over the past few years and have seen everything. We’ve reviewed poker training websites that were filled with hundreds of poker training videos and other websites with a dozen poker videos. We know how important it is to learn how to become a better poker player and we only share the best poker training reviews with you. The skill level of online poker players is always on the rise and if you don’t work on your game, you’ll be left in the dust.

The days of making a deposit into your poker account and winning $100’s off of fish are long gone. There are still fish scattered throughout the many online poker rooms, but the majority of poker players nowadays are highly educated players. Take a look at the best poker training reviews for several different poker games below and decide which poker training site will work best for you.

CardRunners Review

After reviewing CardRunners years ago, it was apparent that Taylor Caby was developing one of the best poker training sites in the industry for years to come. They have the most subscribers of any poker training site and well over a thousand poker training videos. Many of the best online poker players have spent time creating videos for members of CardRunners. You’ll be able to watch poker training videos covering NLHE, LHE, Omaha, Razz, Stud and several variations of poker tournaments. With the amount of videos added by CardRunners you’ll never run out of training material too study.

DeucesCracked Review

DeucesCracked has long been one of CardRunners toughest competitors, as they also provide poker training videos on a wide range of poker topics. There are over 1000 videos already uploaded to DeucesCracked by some of the very best online poker players and new videos are still being added several times every week. The majority of DeucesCracked videos teach player’s beginner and advanced level NLHE and LHE strategy.

PokerVT Review

PokerVT provides expert advice by a number of very popular professional poker players. Players such as Daniel Negreanu, Adam Junglen, Paul Wasicka, JC Alverado, Annette Obrestad and about a dozen other instructors all teach at PokerVT. By the time you’ve finished going through all of the videos and information on PokerVT you’ll have an advanced understanding of NLHE. PokerVT focuses on NLHE cash games and tournaments, but they also teach you advanced poker math so that you understand all of the odds and probabilities involved in playing poker.

Tournament Poker Edge

If you never play cash games then joining one of the poker training sites above might not be that ideal. Tournament Poker Edge is easily one of the top 3 poker training sites for tournament players right now. They are fairly new to the market, but they’ve already released 100 tournament strategy videos and have been working on adding one new video everyday. Casey Jarzabek is the lead instructor on the website right now and he’s very well known amongst online poker players. For those of you that don’t know, Jarzabek is regarded as one of the top MTT players over the past few years online.

Drag the Bar Review

Drag the Bar is one of the newest online poker training sites to launch in the market and they’re great for any type of poker player looking to improve their game. You’ll be able to watch poker training videos about cash games, tournaments, backgammon and even videos on important poker math that you should learn. A lot of the videos are at an advanced level and with almost a new video being released everyday, there will be tons of content to go through.

PokerPwnage Review

PokerPwnage is a poker training site for tournament poker players only at the moment. Out of about 225 poker training videos, 190 of them are tips and strategy for tournament players. Instructors including Phil Collins, David Randall and Matt Graham, along with the other instructors, regularly add new videos. The PokerPwnage team’s goal is to add 1 new video daily throughout 2010 and have been using plenty of guest pros to help add new video lessons.

SNG Grinders Review

If you only play sit and go tournaments and you’d like specialized poker training videos then this is easily the best subscription you could purchase. There are almost 500 poker training videos already uploaded to S&G Grinders by some of the best sit and go tournament players in the world. Sit and Go Grinders also adds a new video almost everyday and guarantee that they’ll add a minimum of 20 new videos every month for members. S&G Grinders doesn’t only provide strategy and lessons on single table sit and go tournaments either, as they have plenty of poker training videos on multi-table tournaments.

PokerNews Strategy Review

PokerNews Strategy is one of the newest poker training sites on the market in 2010 and it appears that they have plans on becoming a major player in the industry. I’ve signed up for PN Strategy recently and although the number of videos in their library is lacking at the moment, all of their videos are presented in the best quality possible. I’ve been told that PokerNews is planning on adding a new video everyday, but we’ll need to see if they can make good on their word. With an ever-growing line-up of poker instructors being added to PN Strategy regularly I have high expectations that this poker training site will become a leader.

PokerSavvyPlus Review

PokerSavvyPlus has been making a lot of noise in the poker training industry lately and many players have been flocking to their website to watch the vast number of poker training videos in their library. Currently there are a small number of instructors on the site although they use a lot of guest instructors to provide players with strategy they need to win at the poker tables. There are over 500 poker training videos in the library already, which will give you months of viewing pleasure. The videos range in topics and you’ll be able to learn strategy on multiple poker games and tournaments.

Deepstacks University Review

Deepstacks University is easily one of the best poker training sites on the market right now and I highly recommend signing up for a membership if you want to improve your tournament play. Most of the 400+ poker training videos is geared towards tournament players and there is a great deal of specialized training and strategy included in the videos. Some of the instructors on the site include professional poker players including Mike Matusow, TJ Cloutier and Tom McEvoy. One of the only things I didn’t like about this site is that they lack community features for members to help each other out.

Grinder School Review

Grinder School is an excellent place for the everyday poker grinder to improve their game. You’ll want to be a NL Holdem player primarily to benefit from this poker training site since most of the videos are geared towards NL Holdem. The instructor’s list is continually growing and is filled with some of the top online pros in the game right now. There are well over 500 videos in the library at Grinders School, which will take you months to go through thoroughly.

Float the Turn Review

Float the Turn is owned and operated by Johnathan Little although there are several other instructors that also teach on the site to ensure that new videos are being added to the library regularly. There are currently over 500 videos in the library and the majority of the videos focus on sit and go tournaments and multi-table tournaments. You won’t find many videos on cash game strategy inside this poker training site and I wouldn’t join it if you’re only a cash game player.

HUSNG Review

HUSNG is a heads-up sitngo dedicated poker training site.  If headsup poker is your game of choice, then this is the perfect training site for you.  With over 200+ headsup poker videos ranging from micro stakes to high stakes, there is enough one on one action for everybody.


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